The tent of the Sarajevo Brewery is the most visited one at the Beer Festival: Great response to the quality of the Sarajevsko (Sarajevo beer)

The Sarajevo Brewery JSC tis year as well took part in a traditional Sarajevo Beer Festival, and the tent visitors of this local brewery enjoyed in the Sarajevsko (Sarajevo beer), which is again produced by the celebrated old recipe.

“The Sarajevsko (beer) is a local and domestic product, and in some way we consider ourselves to be the hosts. Since the beginning of the year, we have made a number of changes in the Sarajevo Brewery, including the comeback of the good old taste and quality, as well as deploying a new label. We believe that the Beer Festival was a great opportunity once again to introduce the consumers to our activities. We were very pleased in terms of attendance of our tent during the Beer Festival, but we were especially happy about positive responses of the consumers in terms of the quality of beer”, said Mr. Adnan Kamber,  Marketing manager of the Sarajevo Brewery JSC.

Za posjetitelje šatora Sarajevske pivare d.d.  pripremljeni su  raznovrsni i zanimljivi sadržaji te nagradne igre. Osim Sarajevskog svijetlog i tamnog točenog piva, u ponudi su bili i Sarajevsko premium, bezalkoholno i radler.

For the visitors of the Sarajevo Brewery tent, we prepared varied and interesting activities as well as prize games. In addition to the Sarajevo light and dark draft beer, there were also the Sarajevo premium beer, non-alcoholic beer and Radler.


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