Sarajevsko beer with emblems of FC Željezničar and FC Sarajevo will be available to supporters of city rivals


Sarajevo, 23.11.2017 – Sarajevska pivara d.d. signed contracts with the two largest sports brands, FC Željezničar and FC Sarajevo. The brewery’s most famous brand, the Sarajevsko beer, will remain the sponsor of these BiH football clubs. The cooperation has been extended to a project which will certainly delight the fans. Buying the Sarajevsko beer with emblems of FC Željezničar or FC Sarajevo, they can directly finance their club.

“We have produced a series of Sarajevsko 0.33 l with labels of FC Željezničar and FC Sarajevo emblems. Buying the Sarajevsko beer with emblems of their clubs, the supporters can directly finance the clubs. The clubs will receive a part of funds from every bottle sold. We hope to contribute to the development of sports in our country this way. We wish all the luck to the clubs and their supporters in the upcoming games,” said Zlatko Ramić, General Manager of Sarajevska pivara d.d.

Mirsad Šiljak, Manager of FC Željezničar pointed out that the continued cooperation with Sarajevska pivara will help this club to continue its financially sustainable operations and team’s success.  

“We are glad that Sarajevska pivara has recognised the potential in our cooperation so far. We jointly decided to start this project. I am certain our supporters will be buying only Sarajevsko Blue Beer with the emblem of our club”, said Šiljak.

Sabrina Buljubašić, General Manager of FC Sarajevo expressed her satisfaction with the continued cooperation.

“This domestic company is the market leader in its domain and it is natural to be associated with FC Sarajevo, as the marketing leader in BiH sports. Sarajevska pivara has been supporting our club for a number of years. We are even more pleased that this cooperation is continued with some new and interesting projects, which will surely please our supporters,” said  Buljubašić.