New Year’s social gathering with journalists organized by Sarajevo Brewery: 2015 better than 2014


At the end of another successful business year, the Sarajevska pivara (Sarajevo brewery) organized a social gathering with journalists in the Pivnica HS in Sarajevo. At the well-attended gathering and in a pleasant ambience, Haris Kuskunović, manager of the Sarajevska pivara, addressed the present journalists saying that the Sarajevska pivara this year celebrates its 151st year of existence. “Rare are those who are not in some way related to the 151st anniversary of the Sarajevska pivara. The management of the Sarajevska pivara is aware that everything is changing, including both market and habits of customers. Our borders are open and we are now working in a far more different environment than before. We have gone back to the golden age by restoring the old, well-known quality of the Sarajevsko to its redesigned packaging. This year, we expect our operating results in the production and sales to be higher for 30 percent compared to last year,” said Kuskunović. Manager of the Sarajevska pivara pointed out that what made him particularly happy was the contract signed between the Sarajevska pivara and OeTTINGER brewery, which has the best-selling beer in Germany. The Sarajevska pivara has been awarded a contract to produce the OeTTINGER beer for the region.