On the occasion of its 152 years of existence Sarajevska pivara donated 152 chairs to FC Zeljeznicar




Sarajevo, 23 May 2016 – on the occasion of its 152 years of existence, The Sarajevska pivara dd / JSC paid the money to the FC Zeljeznicar for 152 chairs and so participated in the project titled “Buy a chair for a European Grbavica”.

 “Participation in this project is another contribution of the Sarajevska pivara to the development of sport in our country. As a domestic company, we believe it is our obligation to support all projects that promote Bosnia and Herzegovina, both here and abroad. We wish the FC Zeljeznicar and its fans the best of luck in the upcoming matches, and in building a European Grbavica” said Adnan Kamber, marketing manager of the Sarajevska pivara dd / JSC.

 “FC Zeljeznicar expresses its gratitude to the Sarajevska pivara for having supported the project titled “Buy a chair for a European Grbavica”, and we also take advantage of this opportunity to express our congratulations to the Sarajevska pivara as one of the oldest and most successful companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of its business anniversary and 152 years since its establishment” announced the FC Zeljeznicar.

The Sarajevska pivara is the oldest industrial plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in its history it has sponsored the FC Zeljeznicar on several occasions, as well as many other sports clubs in our country.