Natural spring water titled Lejla – new product of Sarajevska pivara


Sarajevo, 12 July 2017the Sarajevska pivara d.d./JSC has placed on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina its new product, the natural spring water titled Lejla, which brand face is the popular sing songwriter and singer Hari Varešanović.

The Lejla is a pure, natural, native, domestic, BH water, which springs out from the untouched nature of the Trebević Mountain. It comes from underground water traps, protected from any pollution. Such a crystal clear and untouched water the Sarajevska pivara draws from its own well from a depth of 297 m, which is located at the site of Pivara in Bistrik at the foot of Trebevic.

“After the complete redesign of the Sarajevsko and the expansion of the range of beer products, it was time to modernize the segment of the water that is bottled by the Sarajevska pivara. It is known that we are one of the few breweries that has its own source of water, as a matter of fact, there are three wells. The quality of our water is top-quality, daily controlled and unchanged for more than 150 years and we are sure that this product will also find the way to the consumers,” said the general manager of Sarajevska pivara d.d. Zlatko Ramić.

In 1984, Hari Varešanović founded the band named Hari Mata Hari, which became his life musical project. Since then, Varešanović has published 15 albums, held thousands of concerts and sold millions of sound carriers. Varešanović is the performer of some of the most beautiful ballads in this region, and he won the third place in 2006 at the Eurosong competition in Athens, with the song “Lejla”, and achieved the best performance in the history of our country at this prestigious music competition, and whole Europe was delighted.

“It is a truly genuine pleasure for me to participate in this project. The name of the campaign is “The Water of Love”, and it is love that moves everything – love for work, children, family, music, homeland … Love is necessary for life, as well as water. Therefore, our Lejla is the water of love, “said Varešanović.

The natural spring water Lejla is of extremely stable quality and has a constant, unchanged and balanced ratio of metals and minerals. Beneficial to the human body, it is suitable for consumption at all ages and can be consumed in unlimited quantities.