First craft beer attraction in B&H with Sarajevsko

Sarajevo, 9 April 2016 – the Sarajevska pivara d.d. / JSC (Sarajevo Brewery) and The Brew Pub, with the support of the association, organized in the Pivnica HS the First craft beer attraction in B&H. Ten craft breweris from Sarajevo, Mostar, Livno, Doboj, Siroki Brijeg, Visoko and Banja Luka presented their products there. By organizing this beer festival, the Sarajevska pivara d.d. / JSC provided its support to small producers of beer.

“The Sarajevska pivara, as the oldest industrial plant and the oldest brewery in B&H, is the pioneer of brewery in our country, and it is natural to support those who, like us, are truly dedicated to the production of beer. In this way, we provided an opportunity for small producers to present their art of brewing beer, including all true beer lovers to taste craft beers that are produced in our country, “said Adnan Kamber, marketing manager of the the Sarajevska pivara d.d. / JSC .

In the last few years, craft beer is is worldwide popular, and the production process itself represents the art of making beer in small breweries, which is made according to traditional as well as innovative recipes.

“The growing trend of craft breweries in the world has not bypassed our country, where a small group of people founded an association for all who were interested in a small domestic production of various beers. It is that out of this group emerged more serious craft breweries offering new types of beer in our market, and differentiating from standard lager and Pilsner beers in taste, color, odor, and the proportion of alcohol. The opportunity to present our beers in the magnificent Pivnica HS is for our members a great honor and event”, said Arman Galičić, representative of the craft beer manufacturers.

In addition to the Sarajevsko, all beer lovers could also enjoy in various kinds of ales and flavors such as ipa, apa, wit, gruit, porter, stout, red et al. Special surprise for all visitors of the Festival were the beer cocktails mixed with the Sarajevsko dark, bright and soft.