Sarajevska pivara and Municipality of Stari Grad to co-finance rehabilitation of Konak Street


The Sarajevska pivara and The Municipality of Stari Grad will co-finance the rehabilitation of the Konak Street at Bistrik which distance is approximately 180 meters. The Sarajevska pivara will allocate KM 70,000.00 for this purpose, and the Municipality of Stari Grad will provide the remaining funds that are needed for the project. The Agreement on co-financing of works was signed by the Municipal Mayor of Stari Grad Ibrahim Hadžibajrić and General manager of the Sarajevska pivara dd / JSC Zlatko Ramić. The Municipal Mayor Hadžibajrić explained that the agreement with representatives of the Sarajevska pivara was realized two months ago, and that they, in this way, demonstrated their willingness to support the efforts of local community to provide better living conditions to its citizens. “For the reconstruction of the Konak Street and the Franjevačka Street, there is a need for significant financial resources and the Sarajevska pivara will help us to achieve this. They readily agreed to support this project for what we are grateful to them. We intend to commence the works as soon as weather conditions improve, and I hope it will happen soon“, said Hadžibajrić. Ramić said that the Sarajevska pivara, as a local company, feel that it is their responsibility to support every project and institution which aims to improving the quality of life of citizens. “The Sarajevska pivara is the oldest factory in our country. During its 153 years of existence it helped many people and supported many projects. We are the only factory in the territory of the Municipality of Stari Grad and many of our employees live in this municipality, so it is quite logical to co-finance this project“ Ramić said. He added that the Sarajevska pivara in the past two years supported about 500 socially responsible sports and cultural projects.