Sarajevska pivara (Sarajevo Brewery) on ZEPS: Domestic producers have to meet customer expectations



Sarajevska pivara JSC/d.d. is the general sponsor of ZEPS, the biggest fair in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “By sponsoring and participating at ZEPS we want to support the promotion of the B&H economy, and show that there are quality products whitin the domestic beer industry. Our stand was very well visited, many people were interested to try the Sarajevsko and were delighted with the quality and new design. It is extremely important to us that the visitors did like the taste of the Sarajevsko, which again, as is known, is made under the old recipe,” said Adnan Kamber, marketing manager of the Sarajevska pivara JSC/d.d. He added that it is extremely important for the Sarajevska pivara JSC/d.d. that the local companies become more involved so that the citizens could realize that the purchase of high-quality local products helps the development of B&H economy, and thus the quality of life in our country.