Sarajevska pivara (Sarajevo Brewery) celebrates the International Beer Day

Citizens may visit for free the only museum of brewing in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Sarajevo, 5/8/2015 – On the occasion of International Beer Day, which is this year celebrated on 7th August, the brewery Sarajevska pivara d.d. will allow citizens to visit for free the only museum of brewing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“From the beginning of the year, we have made a number of changes in the Sarajevo brewery, including the return of the old, good taste and quality, and the introduction of a completely new design. The reactions of consumers are excellent, and we are most glad to have a very positive reaction to the quality of Sarajevsko beer. We have recorded steady growth in production and sales, and in this way we want to thank our consumers for the support and loyalty”, said the PR Manager of the Sarajevo Brewery Inc., Melisa Sefer-Liçin.

The Sarajevo brewery is the oldest industrial plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it has nurtured the brewing tradition since 1864. Dedication and love for beer and respect for traditional, old methods of making beer have ensured that the quality of Sarajevsko beer continues for decades, which is evidenced by the numerous international awards and prizes.

The Sarajevo brewery will also celebrate the International Beer Day by giving the citizens appropriate gifts in the centre of Sarajevo.

Citizens are welcome to visit for free the Sarajevo Brewery Museum on Friday, 7th August, from 10 to 18 hours. The museum is located in the complex of the Sarajevo Brewery, Franjevačka 15.