Sarajevska pivara celebrated its 152 years of existence



Sarajevo, 21 May 2016 – The Sarajevska pivara d.d. / JSC organized a celebration of 152 years of existence of the oldest industrial plant in our country. The Brewery was founded on 24 May 1864, and the building in which it was located is a protected historic building.

 “Interestingly, the Sarajevska pivara in its history has never stopped working and it was the only European brewery that worked during the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian rule. Therefore, many years are behind the Sarajevska pivara, with quite a lot of experiences and challenges. Generations have been linked to the Sarajevska pivara, and it was with our beer (The Sarajevsko) that people celebrated their anniversaries, built houses, and many generations of families worked and still work in the Sarajevska pivara, so it simply became a part of many Bosnians and an inevitable economic and historical segment of B&H” said Melisa Sefer-Liçin, PR director of The Sarajevska pivara d.d. / JSC.

The celebration was attended by many citizens who were treated by the Sarajevska pivara to all its products – The Sarajevsko, water, juices, Pepsi products, including the latest novelty – German beer Oettinger that is produced under license.