Sarajevska pivara Supports Sarajevo Youth Theatre



Sarajevo, May 5, 2017 – Sarajevska pivara d.d. has expressed its support to the Sarajevo Youth Theatre and a contract was signed between the Managing Director of Sarajevska pivara Zlatko Ramić and the Acting Director of Youth Theatre Semir Krivić.

“We have decided to support the Youth Theatre since we believe that creating a habit of visiting the theatre at the youngest age is extremely important in the child education process. We would like to ensure the return of the audience to the theatre and to promote culture and realization of significant theatre projects in our country,” stated Ramić.    

The Acting Director of the Sarajevo Youth Theatre Semir Krivić expressed his gratitude to Sarajevska pivara and its management for recognizing the significance of culture and art and for contributing to the activities of this Theatre.

“This donation will definitely be of great help to us in our endeavors to offer our audience a high quality and diverse repertoire. We certainly hope to continue our cooperation in the future to our mutual satisfaction,” said Krivić.

Sarajevska pivara supported around 230 different culture and sports events, institutions and socially responsible projects in 2016, including the SFF, Sarajevo National Theatre, MESS and many more.