Sarajevska pivara produced wheat beer


Sarajevo, 26 April 2016 – After Oettinger Pils, the Sarajevska pivara d.d./JSC under the license of Oettinger also produced wheat beer. This beer will soon be on the market in our country, and the Sarajevsko wheat beer was produced by the Sarajevska pivara during 80s of the last century.

 “The Sarajevska pivara is among the first breweries in the region that produced wheat beer more than 30 years ago, and its re-production is a natural sequence of all of our efforts in order to continually improve our production, quality and product offerings. Brewing of wheat beer is very demanding from the perspective of technology that has to do with ale unfiltered top fermenting beer, and we can say that we have produced a sort of an industrially produced craft beer. We are proud that only we in our country produce wheat beer since it is about mastering very demanding industrial processes, and this is another proof that the Sarajevska pivara produces beer to the highest standards”, said Melisa Sefer-Liçin, PR director of the Sarajevska pivara.

The Oettinger weiss produced in the Sarajevska pivara is an unfiltered ale light wheat beer of mild and refreshing taste, and will be available in the market in non-return bottles of 0.5 l and in exclusive restaurants where it will be poured as a draft

The Sarajevska pivara is a licensed manufacturer of the Oettinger for B&H, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. The Oettinger Group is one of the largest German export breweries, which beer is sold in more than 100 countries.