Sarajevsko Beer medal winner for product quality


Sarajevo, 25 August 2016 – At the 43rd International Fair of Agriculture and Food Industry Plum Fair Gradacac, Sarajevo Brewery won two gold medals and one silver medal for the quality of its most famous product, Sarajevsko beer. Sarajevsko Premium beer and Sarajevsko Light beer won gold medals for product quality, while Sarajevsko Dark beer won a silver medal.

„These awards are the result of our continuous efforts to put the quality of Sarajevsko beer at a really high level. Every day we test the quality, we invest in production facilities and technology, and we are one of the few breweries that respects the old, traditional ways of brewing beer and the ideal period of beer aging. We are pleased that the experts have confirmed the quality of Sarajevsko beer, but it is really important to us that consumers increasingly recognize the quality of our beer,” said Adnan Kamber, Marketing Manager of Sarajevo Brewery d.d.  at the medal award ceremony.

Throughout its history, Sarajevo Brewery has won numerous international awards for quality, and the excellent quality of Sarajevsko beer is a combination of brewing tradition nurtured by Sarajevo Brewery since 1864 and modern technology. Mr Kamber added that Sarajevsko is produced exclusively from top quality, carefully selected ingredients, and the basis of its exceptional quality is also the best water, which springs in the virgin nature of mountain Trebevic and is pumped from Sarajevo Brewery’s own 300-meter deep wells.