Winner of the third car in the prize game of Sarajevska pivara brewery from Čapljina



Sarajevo, 20 September 2018. In the prize-winning game of Sarajevksa Pivara brewery, “Luck under the cap”, which lasted from 18 June to 18 September, 90 fans of the oldest BiH brewery brand won Samsung Galaxy J3 mobile phones in daily drawings. The main prizes, Citroen C3 car, were won by Alem Ćatović and Radomir Petrović from Sarajevo, and Mujo Šejtanić from Čapljina.

“Congratulations to the winners and we thank everyone who participated in the prize game. We are very satisfied with the participation in the prize game, as over 320.000 codes were sent over the course of three months. We are especially pleased that the participants were fans of the Sarajevsko beer from all regions of BiH”, said the PR Director of the Sarajevska pivara d.d. brewery, Melissa Sefer.

Three fans of the Sarajevsko beer who sent the most codes also won Samsung Galaxy S9 phones. The most codes were sent by Nedžad Čolpa from Sarajevo (9265 codes sent), followed by Delić Amel from Visoko (8400 codes sent), and Vahida Topalović from Sarajevo (7597 codes sent). The drawings were based on a specially designed program, which recorded all applications received via SMS and website, and the selection of winners was made by the random computer selection method.