Three gold medals for the quality of the Sarajevsko



Sarajevo, October 8th 2015, Sarajevska pivara d.d. /JSC won three gold medals titled “Ruža ZEPS-a” (Rose of the ZEPS) for the quality of the most famous product of this company – the Sarajevsko, for light, dark and premium beer. The quality was assessed by the members of the expert committee made up of the ZEPS fair representatives, tasters and experts of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food in Sarajevo.

“This is a result of our ongoing effort to place the quality of the Sarajevsko on an extremely high level. We test the quality every day, we invest in production facilities and technology, and we observe the old and traditional ways of brewing beer. It is essential that experts confirm the quality of a product, but we are very happy that our consumers also recognize the quality of the Sarajevsko,” said Adnan Kamber, marketing manager of the Sarajevska pivara d.d./JSC at the ceremony of delivery of medals.

The exceptional quality of the Sarajevsko is the combination of brewing tradition that Sarajevska pivara d.d./JSC has been nurturing since 1864 and modern technology. The Sarajevsko is produced only of high quality, carefully selected natural ingredients, and the basis of its exceptional quality is the best quality of water. Sarajevska pivara d.d./JSC uses water from its own wells, which springs in the untouched nature of the Trebević Mountain and is pumped out from 300 meters depth.