Corporate activity

The Sarajevo Brewery, is the first industrial plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the symbols of Sarajevo, with a century-old tradition in the beer production. We believe it is our obligation and responsibility to preserve this tradition and place our products on the demanding European and global market.

The mission of the Sarajevo Brewery is to improve the quality of life. We offer consumers a wide range of high-quality alcoholic and soft drinks, increase the long-term value of our assets, and provide a creative and pleasant work environment for our employees. The company operates in a socially responsible and sustainable manner, thereby reducing negative effects on nature and the environment. Responsible dealings with all the participants in business-customers, suppliers, business partners and the social environment, is the foundation of our business.

We believe the satisfaction of our end consumers, social responsibility, constant growth and sustainable development are the fundamental values, and we have directed the business of our company to these strategic goals.

Our business is based on the following principles:

Product and production quality

Based on extensive experience and tradition, we use the best raw materials and latest technology in the production. We are firmly committed to the quality and safety of our products and we manage the environment responsibly.

The Sarajevo Brewery is certified in compliance with the following standards:


Our employees are qualified for the production and distribution of products and they successfully implement various quality systems. We also operate pursuant to all the relevant laws, regulations, directives, guidelines and standards established at the BH state level with reference to quality and safety of our products. Our employees are trained in competent task performance, as well as in the field of food hygiene, quality management system and the HACCP system.

Responsible Environmental Management

We recognize the importance of harmonizing all human activities with nature, and with our preventive actions we strive to achieve the optimum consumption of natural resources and prevent land, air and water pollution and threats to the health of people, plants and animals. Through planned training, we develop and motivate environmental awareness of our employees in the organization. Through responsible action, we strive to raise awareness of our end consumers in terms of the importance of environmental protection.

Corporate Responsibility

Sarajevo Brewery, has 370 employees, and we are an important economic entity contributing to the budgets through tax and contribution payment on various grounds. We continuously aid vulnerable population categories in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we are the donors to numerous institutions, including soup kitchens, orphanages, institutions for the protection of the elderly, and many more.

Responsible Consumption and Communication

We believe that any alcohol consumption must be coupled with personal responsibility, and in various ways we encourage raising awareness on responsible alcohol consumption. We support all activities promoting a ban on alcohol consumption for minors. Alcoholic beverages are products requiring a responsible undertaking of marketing and sales activities. In our business, we apply the principles of responsible advertising and sponsorship, for which we have adopted internal rules.