Lejla natural spring water originates from underground water deposits, that are protected from all sorts of pollution, and that is characterized by organoleptic and physio-chemical properties that have a beneficial effect on the human organism. Lejla natural spring water is of extremely stable quality, with a constant, unchanged and balanced ratio of metals and minerals. It has a beneficial effect on the human body, and it is suitable for consumption at all ages and it can be consumed in unlimited quantities.

“Sarajevska pivara“ d.d. drains natural spring water Lejla from its own well located in the Pivara’s surroundings at a depth of 297 meters, underneath the mountain Trebević.

Natural spring water from its own source. It is available in PET packaging 1.5l, 0.33 l, 0.5 l and 5l.

Product:  Lejla natural spring water

Product features

pH value: 7,10 – 7,30

Total mineralization: 400,17 mg/l

Total hardness: 13 odH