Sarajevsko is a pale lager beer with distinct crystal clarity and pleasant, noble bitterness. Its alcohol content is ca 4.9{9de65887037c3720ff7530652d5ba7da6ffe73c07c7c0c30de96fb07fafa108b} and its extract content is 11.8{9de65887037c3720ff7530652d5ba7da6ffe73c07c7c0c30de96fb07fafa108b}. Sarajevsko is available in returnable glass bottles of 0.5 and 0.33 liters, non-returnable packaging of 0.33 l  (24/1), and 0.5l and 0.33l cans.

Product: Sarajevsko beer

Type of beer: Pale lager beer

Type of fermentation: Bottom fermentation

Alcohol {9de65887037c3720ff7530652d5ba7da6ffe73c07c7c0c30de96fb07fafa108b}: 4,9 vol{9de65887037c3720ff7530652d5ba7da6ffe73c07c7c0c30de96fb07fafa108b}

Extract content: 11,8 {9de65887037c3720ff7530652d5ba7da6ffe73c07c7c0c30de96fb07fafa108b}

Caloric value: 181 KJ (100 ml)