Product: Oettinger Premium Lager

Type of beer: Light pasteurised lager beer

Alcohol content: 5.4% vol.

Extract content: 12.2%

Energy value: 184kJ/100 ml = 44 kcal/100 ml

Ingredients: water (natural spring water from own spring), barley malt, hop.

It is available in 0.33 L non-returnable glass bottle and 0.5 L can.

Sarajevo Brewery produces Oettinger beer for the territories of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania.

A short History

Oettinger derives its name from a small town named Oettingen, found in the region of Bavaria. The town itself dates back to 1141 when it was first mentioned as belonging to the principality of Oettingen. The exceptional success and the increasing global development of the Oettinger Brewing Group is based on its strong German brewing tradition dating back to 1731 when it was founded. In 1956, the Kollmar family purchased the widely recognized cooperative brewery of Oettingen and developed it to one of the leading German brewing groups. The Oettinger Brewing Group is one of the largest brewing groups in Germany in terms of its production volume. The exceptional success of Oettinger derives from a strong family-owned tradition. The Group is deeply rooted in the famous German brewing tradition and has gained exceptional reputation for its cost-effectiveness in producing top-quality products for international markets. In 2012, the entire Group had a production volume in Germany of over 10 million hectolitres (hl). Oettinger beer is sold in more than 100 countries.

Awards & Certificates

At the Oettinger Brewing Group tradition and quality go hand-in-hand. The “Reinheitsgebot”, internationally known as the “German Purity Law” of 1516, is among the standards which the Oettinger Brewing Group still upholds in its current daily operation. Brewing with first-class raw materials, highly modern brewing methods and continuous internal and external quality audits, the Oettinger Brewing Group assures that its outstanding quality products are certified in accordance with the International Food Standard (IFS) and the Fresenius Institute. Furthermore, leading Oettinger beer products have been awarded the “DLG” Seal. This seal is issued only to companies adhering to the highest standards of the German Agricultural Society. In 2015, Oettinger Weiss received the Monde Selection Gold Award.