Sarajevsko with Letu Štuke presented the Sarajevsko After Film Program



Sarajevo, August 7, 2018 – Sarajevo Brewery d.d. has organized a Sarajevsko Party on the occasion of signing the sponsorship contract between the Sarajevo Brewery and the band Letu Štuke, with which this company became the general sponsor of their new materials and the Sarajevsko brand was made the official beer of this cult BiH band.
“We are truly glad that Letu Štuke became one of the 230 projects that we have supported this year. Sarajevo is, during the SFF, the center of cultural events and we, as the exclusive sponsor of the Festival, would like for all fans of Sarajevsko to have an excellent time. We believe that it is important for as many Sarajevo citizens and their guests to feel a part of the festival atmosphere even after the film screenings” stated the PR Manager of Sarajevo Brewery d.d., Melisa Sefer-Liçin.

The band Letu Štuke will stage the long-awaited concert at the Sarajevsko After Film, sponsored by the Sarajevo Brewery.

“We are excited for our cooperation with the Sarajevo Brewery and for the possibility of jointly organizing our comeback concert. It is another verification the connection between economy and culture is possible, even during these times. We hope everyone has a good time. We would like to thank the friendly team from Sarajevo Brewery and my long-term neighbors once again”, stated the Letu Štuke frontman Dino Šaran.
The Sarajevsko After Film Program will be held from August 11 to 17 at the Youth Center in Skenderija, featuring 16 performances. The Sarajevsko After Film will host a performance of the Mostar Sevdah Reunion, Zoster, Elemental, Bad Copy and Skroz, and DJ performances are also planned. Sarajevsko will treat all its fans during the concerts, so the price of 0.33 l draught beer will be 2 BAM, and during the SFF, the invitations for concerts will be handed by hostesses in catering objects. For this annual Festival, as the exclusive sponsor of the Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo Brewery produced a limited series of Sarajevsko Premium beer cans.