Sarajevska pivara celebrates 155th anniversary next year


Sarajevska pivara d.d. organised a New Year’s gathering with representatives of the BiH media and announced activities to mark its 155th anniversary of this oldest factory in our country next year.

“Next year, we will celebrate 155th anniversary of Sarajevska pivara. This is  an important event not only for us, but for the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina. Industrialisation in our country started with the brewery. It employed numerous generations of Bosnians and Herzegovinians and in all these years it has never suspended its production. Sarajevska pivara has been present in every segment of development in BiH – economic, cultural and social, for a century and a half.  Next year, we will organise a number of activities and include institutions and individuals who cooperated and still cooperate with Sarajevska pivara,” said the PR Manager of Sarajevska pivara d.d., Melisa Sefer.

To announce all the activities marking 155 years of Sarajevska pivara, the can for Sarajevsko light beer has been redesigned to include an inscription on the most interesting facts from the brewery’s history.

Sarajevska  pivara supported more than 200 socially responsible, cultural and sports projects again this year. It also recorded production growth again.  Sarajevska pivara marketed two new products, Lejla the water of love and Sarajevsko premium can. The customers selected the Sarajevsko beer and Lejla water as the must have products in BiH.