Local Breweries Demonstrate Skills at Second Craft Beer Attraction

Sarajevo, 14/4/2017 – Sarajevska pivara and five BH craft breweries – The Brew Pub, Gelender, Castrum, Semizburg and Silvertown Brewery organised the second Craft Beer Attraction in Tavern HS, where beer enthusiasts, in addition to the Sarajevsko beer, could enjoy other different ale types and tastes. In the past few years, the craft brewing has been very popular in the world and there are already a dozen of important craft breweries in our country.

“We feel the development of craft brewing is a positive trend since it represents progress of the local brewing industry. We have excellent cooperation with all local, large breweries and we believe it is natural to support small craft breweries as well. Together, we prove there is a true dedication and professionalism in brewing in our country”, said Melisa Sefer-Liçin, PR Manager of Sarajevska pivara d.d.

The craft brewing is a beer making skill in small breweries using traditional as well as innovative recipes.

The price for a decilitre of craft beer was BAM 1, and those who visited this beer festival could try different ale types of beer, including ipa, apa, wit, gruit, porter, stout, red, etc.