Sarajevo brewery started with production of OeTTINGER beer


Sarajevo, 10.12.2015 – Sarajevo brewery has started with production of OeTTINGER beer, the best-selling German beer. OeTTINGER beer will soon be on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this best-selling brewer's brand in Germany has entrusted to Sarajevo Brewery the production of its beer for the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania.

“The huge financial investment in the latest equipment, the personnel training of employees whose knowledge enabled the implementation of the most modern processes, procedures and standards resulted in signing of the contract for the licensed production of OeTTINGER’s. This is another proof that the Sarajevo Brewery produces beer according to the highest European standards of quality, “said General Director of the Sarajevo Brewery Inc. Haris Kuskunovic.

First pouring of OeTTINGER beer in Sarajevo Brewery was attended by the technical consultant of OeTTINGER International Gregor Mauritz.

„ A very good Oettinger beer has been produced and filled and we are most grateful for the continuous and good support we have received from the brewery on the way to the first filling. We are looking forward to continue the cooperation on this level with the brewery and see this as a start for a long term partnership not only for the production of Pils but also for other Oettinger products. Both Oettinger and Sarajevo Brewery are facilities with a long history that  share similar philosophies. Sarajevo Brewery is a landmark with modern technology and we are proud that our beer can be produced within this plant,“ said Mauritz.

OeTTINGER brewery group is one of the largest in Germany and is a leader in the market since 2004. The success and increase of global development of OeTTINGER brewery Group is based on the German tradition of brewing. The Group is one of the largest German export breweries, and OeTTINGER beer is sold in more than 100 countries.