The Sarajevo Brewery on the occasion of its 151st anniversary constructs a museum



Sarajevo, May 21st 2015 – The Sarajevo Brewery JSC (Sarajevoska pivara d.d.), which was established on May 24th 1864, shall among other things celebrate this year its 151st anniversary by opening the Museum of the Sarajevo Brewery.

Historians consider the Sarajevo Brewery to be the first industrial plant in B&H, and its establishment accelerated economic and technological development of our country.

“For us, the Brewery is not only a manufacturing plant; the Brewery is part of cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During various historical periods it played an important role in economic and social development of our country. In the City of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have wanted to build a cultural and historic facility, which will present another segment of tradition in Sarajevo and B&H. The students of the History Department of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Sarajevo are participating in this project, and we also invite the citizens who have items that may be exposed at the Museum to contact us”, said Ms Melisa Sefer-Ličina, PR Director of the Sarajevo Brewery JSC.

The Sarajevo Brewery is the unique European brewery which production was continuous during the Ottoman Empire, as well as during the reign of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, within which was also the largest brewery. The Museum shall be located in the complex of the Sarajevo Brewery, which is one of the most attractive buildings in Sarajevo, with an architectural style representing a mix of oriental and classical European design. It is planned that the Museum of the Sarajevo Brewery is open to visitors in June. The citizens who believe they own the publications and items that may be exhibited at the Museum may contact us on, phone number 033 491 118, or via the Sarajevsko pivo Facebook page (Sarajevo beer).