The first museum of brewing in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been opened as part of Sarajevska pivara


Sarajevo, June 29th 2015 – In the presence of numerous guests, the museum showing the development of the brewing industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina was opened as part of Sarajevska pivara d.d.

The exhibits of the museum consist of interesting exhibits such as beer bottles and shares from the period of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, labels of Sarajevska pivara from the Ottoman Empire to the present day, and others.

“The idea of the opening of the museum existed previously and exhibits were carefully collected. Unfortunately, in one of the many bombardments of the brewery, that part of the warehouse was burned down, but we did not give up. During different historical periods the brewery had an important role in economic and social development of our country and with the opening of the museum we want to contribute to the cultural and historical heritage of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We believe that all people who visit the museum will be proud when they see the evidence that we in Bosnia and Herzegovina were keeping up with the developed countries of Europe even 150 years ago,” said the manager of Sarajevska pivara d.d. – mr. Neđad Karačić.

The project was realized in cooperation with the Department of History of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Sarajevo, and the students, who participated in the setting of the exhibition, were given the possibility of employment in the museum.

“We are honored to participate in this project and for us this is a huge experience. We would like to thank Sarajevska pivara because we were given the opportunity to gain experience in this project and get jobs at the museum,” noted students Amar Đulović and Dino Dupanović.

The museum was opened by Ismet Osmanković and Mahmut Kapetanović, retired workers of Sarajevska pivara, who were long-time employees of the company. During the ceremony a letter of thanks was ceremonially awarded to Mr. Asim Mulić who donated the original business envelope of the Brewery from the time of the Kingdom of SHS to the museum.

This museum uses the top of the line NFC technology. In addition to the National Museum in London and the Wolfsonian's in Miami, this is only the third museum in the world that applies the NFC technology, which contributes to the full experience of the museum visitors. Namely, all visitors can, find out all the details about exhibits with the simple use of a mobile phone.

The museum is open to visitors every day 10:00 to 18:00 hours.