Natural spring carbonated water from our own spring. It is available in 0.33l, 0.5l and 1.5l PET bottles and 0.25 l and 1.0 l returnable glass bottles.

Product: Sarajevo carbonated water

Product properties

pH: 7.10 – 7.15

Total mineralization: 400.16 mg / l

Total hardness: 13 ºdH

Carbon dioxide: 5g / l

More information

By natural spring water we mean the water that comes from underground water reservoirs, protected from any pollution, and characterized by its organoleptic and physicochemical properties that may have a beneficial effect on the human body.

We draw the water from our own wells located within the brewery at the depth of 150 m for the B1 and B2 wells and 300 meters for B3 well, where water springs deep from the heart of Bistrik underneath  the Trebević mountain.

The Sarajevska spring water is intended for consumption by all population categories, regardless of their age and with no limitation in quantity.

The quality of the Sarajevska natural spring water has been awarded numerous international prizes.